We mastered our final letter-“Z”! We read Zack the Lazy Zebra, Animal Strike at the Zoo and Zack’s Alligator. We learned to write, recognize and sound the letter Z through our HWT and Zoophonics tools. The Zoophonic for Z is zebra (zeke zebra): Place your hands together and lean them against your cheek to suggest Zeke catching a few “z’s” (sleeping). While Signaling, say the letter sound /z/. (Sustain sound.). With HWT, we know to start at the top with a little line across, slant big line down and finish with little line across.

For our Creation Books we made zebras. Did you know each zebra has its own unique pattern of stripes just as humans have their own unique pattern of fingerprints? They do and no two sets of stripes—or fingerprints—are exactly the same. Zebras use stripe patterns to help recognize one another.

Z wraps up the alphabet for us. Not sure where this year has gone. For the remainder of the school year we will work on letter review, Mother’s day crafts, learn about South Carolina and  prepare for graduation.