"Lighthouse Christian Learning Center has teachers that truly love the children they are educating. Our son deepened his love for God and His teachings, embraced academics in a way that he had not previously, and further developed socially and emotionally in his pre-K year. He was joyful about going to school each day and ADORED his teachers! We will miss LCLC and are thankful for the experience our family had at this awesome preschool." 

Karie Hale

“We have two children at LCLC and highly recommend it to all of our friends. We are confident that we’ve made the right choice for our children’s early childhood development based on the positive learning environment, but the spiritual foundation that is being laid by the loving and caring faculty also reassures us of our decision. We are consistently amazed at how much our boys learn each day at school over and above the already excellent academic curricula: Scripture verses, songs, prayers, and valuable life lessons. The entire faculty and staff have become like family to us and treat all of their students as their own children. We also love the consistent and intentional communication between the teachers and parents so that we can reinforce the lessons at home. My sons genuinely feel loved and receive a fabulous education alongside Christ-centered values. They wake up each day hoping it is an LCLC school day!” 

Dusty and Tammy Bryant

"We have two children at Lighthouse Christian Learning and have been so happy with our experience. The teachers are so loving and are genuinely happy to see our children every day. Both of our children have learned so much, including Spanish, and I have no doubt they have received the foundation they need to excel in kindergarten." 

Melissa Nelson

"Lighthouse Christian Learning Center is truly dedicated to educating children both academically and spiritually in a loving, nurturing environment. Both of our children have attended Lighthouse Christian Learning Center and the balance of faith, academics and values has enhanced our children’s development while preparing them for grade school. The teachers and administration have a passion for each student’s success and genuinely care for them as individuals as well as their families. Our children love going to school every day and I have enjoyed connecting with such a wonderful group of caring and supportive women! Whether our kids are singing songs about Jesus, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or showing off their treasured artwork; the excitement they have for learning is paving the way for a bright future. We are so blessed to be a part of the Lighthouse family!"

Shea Marcinak

"After only 1 week at Lighthouse my 2 year old, Lainey, was waking each morning asking "Is it a school day?" Talking about her new friends and teachers, signing new songs, and saying her prayers brings her so much joy! From day one she was welcomed by the entire staff. It was clear that we didn't only start a new school, we became part of a family! Lighthouse will always hold a special place in our hearts and I am so grateful it was recommended to us!" 

Carrie Cormack

“To Us LCLC is a place that will support the Christ-centered values that we cherish at home." 

Natalie and Jon Gresh

"First off, I love your school. It has been a great place for my children to grow in academia and in their faith. Their experience at Lighthouse has been very productive and memorable. From the very first day my children stepped foot into Lighthouse, the staff treated my children like their own, and in turn they developed great relationships with the faculty at Lighthouse. It brings me so much pleasure knowing that my children are so eager to attend preschool day after day!" 

Tracy O'Shea

“I just want to thank you so much for being so wonderful to my son, Nicholas. Every day he comes home telling me about what he has learned in class. He has taught our whole family bible verses and prayers. He has explained new words to his little brother and just today he made a science experiment to teach us about condensation. I know Nicholas can be very shy and not talk much (I’m not sure how he presents in class with you), but we are so very happy with his experience at LCLC. He is learning a lot and absolutely LOVES his teachers and his school." 

Jen LaRochelle