Parents it has been an unusual weather week – it has felt more like summer than winter! The children have enjoyed playground time and lots of sunshine. Despite the sunny skies, we have continued to learn about winter, snow, penguins and polar bears. The children enjoyed painting this week too. We have beautiful glittery snowflakes hanging from our ceiling that the children made, and next week we will use shaving cream to make snowmen! We will also make marshmallow snowmen to enjoy at snacktime. Next week will be a busy one – please consider attending the LCLC Open House on Wednesday at 6:30 pm if you would like to visit with 4K teachers and learn more about things planned for next year. Thursday we invite our Dads or any special adult (if Dad cannot come) to join us for Donuts for Dads in our class at 9am. Monday is a holiday so we look forward to starting next week on Tuesday with your sweet little ones.