Welcome to 2020! What a strange thing to say! We were so excited to see your sweet little ones this week and welcome them back. They shared many stories of Christmas presents and fun times with family and friends, and despite the long break, they all did very well getting right back into our daily routines. We’ve enjoyed learning about the letter “P”, polar bears, penguins, and especially pajamas! We have snowflakes hanging from our ceiling and on our calendar, so we talk about snow almost every day. The children like to joke that “Miss Maggie likes cold and snow but Miss Vanessa does not.” (pretty accurate). We will talk more about winter weather when Meteorologist Rob Fowler visits us on January 21st. The children’s picture will be on local Channel 2 TV that day so set your DVRs for the evening news! Below are a few pictures of PJ day fun. Happy New Year!