Hello Parents and Families!

Jess and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I have pictures galore and stories to go with each and every one of them. Your children were wonderful and filled us with more Christmas spirit and love of Jesus than any book, event or production we could read or attend. The month was amazing and the lessons and conversations even more so! As always….we did our schoolwork and played with our friends. BUT WE ALSO played in the “snow” with Ms. Amy at Music, Fun and Fitness, practiced our songs for the Christmas Pageant, made gifts for our families, reindeer food for Christmas Eve and talked a lot of the Christmas Story with Joseph, Mary, the donkey, the inn and the lack of room for them all. Ms. Jess reenacted the story during circle time with toy animals, a baby doll wrapped in a blanket and a Fisher Price barn (see pics below). :0) They loved it! We talked about giving versus receiving and about how Jesus gave to us all throughout His life. Even to the point of coming into the world to give us life everlasting!

Our Christmas party was fantastic and the kids had so much fun as we decorated our own Christmas cookies for dessert (VERY efficiently I might add)! I couldn’t help but feel as if our 3s class had transformed into its own little elf cookie making factory. The kids were so intent on specific toppings and sprinkles and their creations were amazingly sugary! A big thanks to our super mom Sol for making such yummy cookies!!! Jess and I hope you enjoyed the Christmas program as much as we did. I apologize that neither of us had the opportunity to take photos during the performance as we were busy keeping everyone together and quiet. :0) We were so proud of their performance! It only gets better as they get older and continue to sing for the Lord and perform for you!

Happy New Year and may God’s blessings be upon each of you every day of 2019. Much Love,

Miss Kim