I cannot believe that there are literally two days left of school for our class! “May” it not be so! I love these little people more than anything and so does Miss Jess. We have had an incredible year as a class and the children have grown in so many ways. They have learned about the letters of the alphabet and with Zoophonics, can tell you the sound that most of the letters make. For three and four year olds…this is fabulous. You should be very proud parents! We are proud teachers and they are proud of themselves! Numbers as well. Keep practicing with them over the summer in fun and creative ways Mom and Dad. They were able to draw themselves again this month, which compared to their self portraits back in September, is amazingly more on target! We have learned the Pledge of Allegiance, the days of the week, the seasons and the months of the year (to the Macarena dance, thanks to Miss Jess!). Ask them to sing the months of the year for you if you haven’t already heard them sing the song…it’s hysterical! And the Pledge which they proudly stand up and recite completely on their own!

Below is what we have been up to this month:

Bible Verse: “An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.” Proverbs 12:25

Colors: Black and White

Theme: God Wants Us To Show Kindness

Units: Moms, Bugs & Butterflies, Ocean Life, and A Week at the Beach

Review of All Letters

Review of Numbers 1 to 15

The children worked very hard on their Mother’s Day gifts for you and were proud of their beautifully colored  flower pots and questionnaires. Jess and I hope you enjoyed your special morning at “Muffins with Mom”.  We have spent a ton of time simply playing outside the past couple of weeks as well. The kids really get to bond even more so while on the playground! We have played with bubbles and done some MAJOR swinging!  :0)

We have been talking about, reading about and learning about the beach, the ocean and the animals that live there. We’ve made ocean crafts as well as sea turtles with our handprints…so fun! We are so blessed that we live in an area where we can take trips with our children to the beach and experience this as often as we like. These are memories that our children will have forever! Know how much we will miss each one of the children. Thank you for a wonderful year and have a terrific summer! Please beep and wave as you drive through car rider line this fall. :0)