Devotion:  We read a devotion about Geese and how they fly in a V formation while honking to encourage the lead goose. We talked a lot about encouraging one another and what it looks like to treat others as you would want to be treated. 

Books We Read: My Little V Book, Vera Viper’s Valentine, The 100th Day Of School, and Jack’s Voyage .

Science: The children learned about how birds migrate, flying hundreds of miles in a V formation. They learned all about how flying that way makes it easier to fly such great distances. We even tried it out for ourselves! We also learned some really cool facts about Vampire Bats. After watching a cool Smartboard video on Volcanoes, all the fours classes got together and watched a model of a volcano erupt using hydrogen peroxide, dry yeast and dish soap, see picture below. Did you know that volcanoes help build up the earths surface?

Math: We counted by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s up to 100. They were so excited about reaching the 100th day of school! See pictures below! We continue to practice simple addition/subtraction and subitizing. 

HWT: Two big lines form the letter V. We used the HWT manipulatives to help us learn how to form the letter, and also practiced writing it a few times. Slant lines are a challenge to learn to write. We will continue to practice! We also highlighted the upper case and lower case V in a Valentine poem.

Drawing:  They children drew pictures of things that begin with V, they drew everything from Volcanoes to Violets. 

We had a very special and fun visitor on Monday, Becky’s Box Of Puppets! She is amazing and so fun to watch, the children loved her and her amazing puppet show! See pictures below!

Important Dates:

3/25-3/31 Spring Break

4/1 Back to school

4/2 Spring Picture Day

4/22 No School