In John 14:6, Jesus tells us “I am the way, the truth and the “life” and no one gets to the Father except through me” (our Bible verse for the month). Jesus brings new life! That said, we have had a very busy month, focused on “new life” here on this side of heaven. The children learned about springtime and April showers. We talked about clouds and how they change shape, made puddles, and lots of flowers. The kids enjoyed learning about the parts of a flower and had a wonderful time planting their own flowers! We even walked back from planting flowers in a light rain. :0) We talked and read books about planting and seeds and made super fun crafts to take home to mom and dad! On a very rainy day when I was out with the flu, the kids got to paint with everything EXCEPT paint brushes, played with the parachute and marched around with musical instruments….way to go Miss Jess!!!!

As the end of the year begins to creep upon us, Jess and I are amazed by how much the kids have grown! Physically as well as developmentally and socially.

I hope you enjoy our class pictures below!