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June 14-June 18 Summer Safari Adventure

Pack your binoculars and join us as we embark on an African safari. We’ll explore elephants, monkeys, lions, zebras, snakes, and the tallest land animals – giraffes. Through our safari-themed activities and lesson ideas, crafts, and games, your children will move like the wild animals, dance with the animals in the African savanna, create animal artworks, go on a lion hunt, and learn about camouflage. It’s sure to be an amazing adventure!

July 5-July 9 Creative Arts and Science Camp

Come join us for a week of challenging our creativity with art projects using several different mediums. From paint to colored pencils to watercolors we are sure to eventually make a masterpiece. We will make our own delicious snacks each day and see some neat experiments, becoming familiar with all things science. Kids will be encouraged to think outside the box – get creative and messy, but most of all have fun!

July 19-July 23 Down by the Sea

Come dive into the wonders of the sea! We’ll have fun exploring the ocean and all its’ amazing creatures – big and small. From whales to sea turtles to puffer fish, we will learn many interesting facts and be able to get up close and personal, as we explore their habitats. A treasure hunt for shark teeth and seashells will be loads of fun and Friday will be a fun-filled water day!